Photos from John's time at Cornell

Bongos! One of Breed's favorite things in the world (right up there with frogs and toes). (Spring 1996)

Give Me the Brain, being played by a motley assortment of ex-Mudders and their friends at the Cedar Street Couch & Brownie in Boston.

Cliff in Boston in 1998 (right). Compare this to a picture taken eight years previously (left).

Matt Morse hasn't changed much either. He's clearly still listening to Dream Theater and Djam Karet.

Cliff and Jennie, just hanging out at the CSCB.

Martin Jaspan is a friend of mine from Cornell. We share a common trait: we're easily distracted from work. This is Martin in front of a church near his home in Concord, MA. If I had to live in the Boston area, I'd probably live in Concord, too.

The Professor of Prog. Rob LaDuca is a friend I met at Cornell who shares many of my musical tastes. He's now a professor at King's College in PA, and has his own radio show.

Deb, come back from the corporate world to recruit Cornell students. She's appropriately sitting under the "politically incorrect" (Pi) sign. (Feb 1999)

Deb, Felix, Mike, and Bryan. You can just tell that they're up to no good. (Feb 1999)

Ellen at one of the many Starbucks near the mall in Walnut Creek. (March 1999)

Nice room! This is where I stayed when I interviewed for a job in Dallas. Cliff is enjoying the couch. (March 1999)

Dallas at night, viewed from the top floor of the Clarion hotel. (March 1999)

Cliff, at home in Dallas. (March 1999)

Urban camouflage. Where's John? I'm using advanced color-matching techniques to blend in with Brontocouch. (March 1999)

Several photos from the Fake Foster's Unicycle Run in Boston, MA (April 1999)

Climbing at the Lindseth Climbing Wall at Cornell. (May 1999?)

John Stimson / Art Rock Cafe, New Armageddon /