Photos From Indiana

The Master. Bob Watson on a trip to Daniel Boone State Park in Kentucky. Bob is one of the best teachers I know. I wish there were a lot more like him, but there aren't. (Spring 1990)

Hannah and me tubing on Lake Maxinkuckee. The object is to make the other person fall off or flip over. Great fun. (Summer 1990)

We have two dogs in the family.

Four hungry guys at Chicago's Pizza in downtown Indianapolis. L-R: Ned, David, Lowell, and Eric. (1991?)

My back yard in Indianapolis. More snow than we've seen in Ithaca in the past couple of years. (Winter 94/95)

Christmas time at home. Hannah and I had just finished helping to decorate the tree, and mom wanted to take a picture. (Winter 95/96?)

Laura and Lauren keeping Murphy company. (Jan 1999)

The Stimson Cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee, in northern Indiana.

The Old Stimson Cottage, owned by our family back in my grandparents' time.

I like to waterski when I visit home in the summer.

Jet skiing is fun, too.

The old gang, give or take. This is from our traditional Christmas trip to the Forbidden City Express, in 1999.

One of the many games we've bought from World Wide Games is tabletop croquet. (Aug 2002)

John Stimson / Art Rock Cafe, New Armageddon /