Scenic Ithaca

Cayuga Lake viewed from Cayuga Heights Road / Stewart Avenue, between my house and Cornell.

Fall Creek looking East from the Stewart Avenue bridge, the same spot the Cayuga Lake photo was taken from.

Another waterfall, this one is in Watkins Glen, a lake town about a half hour away from Ithaca.

A chipmunk sitting on my porch. There's all sorts of other critters in my backyard, too. I wish the cat wouldn't kill them - it should be going after the mice in the attic!

One morning, I was sitting at my desk and looked to my left, and saw a HUGE bird standing right outside my door. It was a turkey. It seemed to like that spot, because even after I scared it away by trying to take pictures, it kept coming back to hang out on the porch.

Another critter in my back yard.

Treman Park is yet another location near Ithaca with a nice gorge and many waterfalls.

Ripples in the creek at Treman Park focus the sunlight into pretty patterns on the bottom.

Not Ithaca; Concord, MA. On my way to visit Martin one weekend, I saw this out my window and had to stop for a picture.

John Stimson / Art Rock Cafe, New Armageddon /