Life at Mudd

Weird Al Frosh (aka Cliff McCarthy) lounging in my room during orientation week. (Fall 1990)

Good vs. Evil? Actually, Matt vs. Kyle. You decide which is which... (90/91)

Matt and the glider which we ultimately destroyed by crashing it into my head on launch. No, not intentionally. (Fall 1991)

Lia on a typical day in South Dorm. Sun, grass, and "fresh" air. And...I sure hope that's not Frosh Chem. (Fall 1991)

Breed, the paragon of South Dorm Apathy. (Fall 1991)

The making of the Oh My God cookies, starring Lia and Michelle. The recipe was essentially: chocolate, flour, sugar, chocolate, chocolate, sugar, and chocolate. Using the mathematical skills we acquired at Mudd, we determined that each cookie contained about 300 calories. (Fall 1991)

A tasty apple being attacked by Cliff at Joshua Tree. (Spring 1992)

That's Jennie hiding from what may have been a bad pun or embarrassing comment. At least Cliff and Matt are amused. (Spring 1992)

Matt Carpenter after emerging from a vertical tunnel. (Spring 1992)

Matt again, having a look around on a plateau at Joshua Tree. (Spring 1992)

A cool viewpoint for a picture of Matt Hughes, Cliff, and Matt Carpenter. (Spring 1992)

Total Mayhe rules in South Dorm. As usual. (91/92)

Kyle and Lia duelling in South courtyard. (91/92)

Beware axe-wielding red haired weirdos on skateboards. They're a lot more common than you would think. This particular one is named Denis. (92/93)

These photos may look like they were taken at the same time, but they were probably taken at least a year apart, on opposite sides of the dorm! How many differences can you spot? (dates unknown)

Four-Square in South, a common form of recreation. It may look like a mellow game, but in South it could turn nasty real quick... (92/93)

Would you trust Kae Sa with a pair of scissors? You have to understand Robyn's philosophy on hair: it always grows back. (92/93)

Mudd Architecture. The four Quad dorms all look like this. For those who never lived at Mudd, this is West Dorm. (92/93)

Fritz Kruger taking a picture of Cliff, possibly for a Media Studio project. (92/93)

Armageddon Suite, purveyors of noise. Matt, me, and Bolo (I mean, Brian). (Fall 1993)

See Evil, Hear Evil, Eat Evil.(Fall 1993)

Ellen and me on her birthday, sitting on the Brontocouch half in Armageddon suite. (November 1993)

An incredible feat, Fritz apparently balancing Beth's bicycle on his nose. (93/94)

Denis demonstrating that you never outgrow Legos. (93/94)

Matt and Denis completely lose it in the South lounge. Someone must have said something hilarious, or been turned upside-down, or something similar. (93/94)

The door to my suite my senior year, near the end. You can tell a lot from a door... (Spring 1994)

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