Halloween Costumes

A sophomore engineer is never seen without his red tool box, and can be considered to be doing well if he has a black box with an unknown transfer function to analyze. The HP is in case the sliderule breaks... (Fall 1991)

El Rompador. This is Mike, my roommate, dressed as an unconventional vigilante. (Fall 1991)

Cliff and Jennie, dressed as masked swordspeople. They borrowed my boffer swords...(Fall 1991)

Denis dressed as a samurai. Nobody told Denis that samurai don't have red hair, but he did do a good job on the styling! (Fall 1993)

This is me dressed as a ninja, the samurai's natural enemy. Ian Ono graciously loaned me his katana and sword belt. Later, I collected some twigs and disguised myself as a hedge. (Fall 1993)

Fritz as a very convincing Billy Idol. His hair was that color for a couple months, and he eventually had to dye it back to normal for a job interview. (Fall 1993)

This is me as the Chainsaw Vigilante from The Tick comic book. (Fall 1995)

Cabbageman! Fred's interpretation of Breed's infamous exclamation. (Fall 1995)

Me again, this time as a Psi-cop from the Babylon 5 TV series. Very few people knew what I was, except for the dude who was disguised as one of the aliens from V. Of course, nobody knew what he was, either. "Babylon 5, that's like Star Trek, right?"

Lady Catherine sitting on the invisible chair (Fall 1999)

Cameron the mountaineer, Ellen the beauty parlor escapee, an enigmatic Jedi knight, Lady Catherine, and Sir Gene (Fall 1999)

Obi-John Kenobi (Fall 1999)

Whups! That's not supposed to happen until Episode IV! (Fall 1999)

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