Tips for installing the Redline Module in a NB Miata

Here is how I installed Modfry's Redline shift warning module in my 1999 and 2001 Miatas. The photos are from the 2001. The first thing to do is to read the instructions for installing the module in the S2000, linked here.

These are the differences:

For the tach signal, I used the IG- wire for the data link connector. This wire is available on the middle connector of the ECU as the green wire with the orange (not yellow) stripe. The ECU is the big flat metal box mounted vertically, outboard of the clutch pedal.

For ground, I used the black wire with the red stripe on the same connector.

For +12V, I used the switched power to the stereo, available on connector X-07 as the blue wire with black stripes. X-07 is a large connector attached to a metal bracket directly inboard of the interior fuse block.

The redline module fits neatly in the channel in the dashboard panel next to the fuse block door. The velcro that came with the kit worked nicely. I mounted the module with the dip switches facing the floor so that I could set them easily. I zip tied the beeper to the metal bracket just below connector X-07, but if I had noticed the little velcro square in the kit, I would have just used that.

So far, I think setting the DIP switches for 7000RPM works the best. I get three beeps, and then a steady tone just before the rev limiter kicks in. When I tried 7100RPM, sometimes the steady tone would start before the rev limiter, but usually it wouldn't sound until after the rev limiter was engaged.

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