UPS Package Tracking
NWS Forecast for Santa Clara Valley
V.T.A. Santa Clara County Bikeways Overview Map Breaking News DVD Audio Watermarking Fiasco

How to Find Things

Google Groups
USENET archives (newsgroups)
A resource for finding reputable online businesses. - Comparison Shopping Beyond Compare
Price comparison for many online merchants, with ratings
Price Watch(tm)
A resource for finding the lowest online prices for specific pieces of computer equipment
UMI's ProQuest Direct
Search popular journals online. Subscription Required.



US Airgun Magazine
General info and links
Air Pistol Competition - A Brief History
American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA)
American Airguns
Marksmanship Qualification Program


Beeman Precision Airguns
Imports Feinwerkbau pistols and rifles
Crosman Corporation: Gun Shop
Hammerli--480/480K Match Air Pistol
Interarms (Walther)


Advanced Precision Products
MAC-1 Airgun Distributors
The Outdoors Store Incorporated: Pistols
Precision Pellet--Home Page
Raso Rod & Rifle Homepage - Airguns
World Class Airguns

<A NAME="Audio">Audiophile links</A>

The Audiophile Asylum
EE Times - News
GoodSound - Your Online Guide to Finding a Stereo System on a Budget
HiFi pages #135700
Martin Leese's Home Page
Surround Sound Discography Home Page
California Audio Labs
Audio Perfectionist
Welcome to TACT Audio Inc.
high end audio Audible Difference
Music Direct's Online Catalog
They sell "audiophile" recordings. Some of the recommended titles never impressed me as good recordings, even though I like the music. They also sell expensive gimmicks.


Crazy Egor's Game Warehouse


ABC's of DTV
The Babylon 5 DVD Petition - IS CLOSED
Technical info, release info, and links
DVD sales and rentals on the web
Sharp Electronics -- all about DTV

Babylon Emporium
Internet Movie Database
Coming Attractions
Movie rumors and facts
Car Talk homepage
A hilarious NPR radio show
Queeg's Red Dwarf Archive
Future Fantasy Bookstore - Home Page
There be Darwin-fish here
John Shirley
Babylon Park
"This is pretty ----ed up, right here..."

Looking for rare books

The Library of Comics
Pandora's Books Online
The Bent Cover Bookstore

Babylon 5 - THE BABYLON 5 DVD Petition
Starship Modeler - Reader Gallery
Starship Modeler - Babylon 5 Scale Modeling
Starship Modeler: Starfury Resource Page
TNT: The Home of Babylon 5
Babylon 5 Resources: Online
Lurker's Guide: Master Episode List
Babylon 5
Information about the Star Fury combat simulator.

Jedi Robes

Links where you can find out how to make 'em

The Jedi Costume
The Ewan McGregor Shrine
Sabers Plus
Hooded Cloak
Costumes Plus Update
McCalls Jedi Costume Pattern
Sketches and commentary by WiliQueen describing the Structure of the Jedi Robe
you can dress a Jedi up, but you can't take him out. - Jedi Council
Annies Costumes-Star Wars-Episode 1Adult Costumes

ODYSSEY - A Hallmark and Henson Network
New home of the Muppet Show!
Sunnyvale Public Library Home Page

Silicon Valley Libraries

Palo Alto City Library
San José Public Library - WebPAC
Santa Clara City Library
Santa Clara County Library

Computer Games

Playstation info

PSEmu 1
Welcome to bleem!
Rapidly becoming a fully functioning emulator of the Sony Playstation. Once they get the analog control system ironed out, Gran Turismo will become the best driving sim for the PC...
Playstation A/V Pinout

Descent 3... Out in the open!
Forsaken official site
The only Descent-like game I've seen that wasn't Descent. It's the best Descent-style game, too, at least until Descent 3 comes out.
Need For Speed III
Electronic Arts' spectacular driving game, which allows you to drive many different cars and download even more. Reasonably accurate driving physics, incredible visuals.
Hacked Speed 3
Here you can find extra cars to use with Need For Speed III by Electronic Arts
Sierra's Viper Racing
The most physically accurate driving simlulation I've played. Guess what - it's damn hard to control a 700hp sportscar at 140MPH with a joystick! Great graphics, too.
PsychoNews - Hard Core Gaming News
Blizzard Entertainment Related Links
Atari 8-bit Emulator Page
Holme's Atari 8bit Games A + Whats NEW? + Requests
Yahoo! Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Titles:Strategy:Stars!
Stars! Space Strategy
MacSoft Home Page

John's Friends

Andrew Basile
Peter Belding
A friend from Harvey Mudd who lives in San Diego now.
Michael Buksas
A friend from South/East Dorm at HMC. Juggling fanatic.
Brian Clark
Michelle Cloud-Hughes
A good friend of mine from Harvey Mudd, now living in San Diego.
Jennie Hango's MIT Homepage
Another one of my geek friends from HMC. Rides a unicycle and hacks HTML.
Michael Hicks
Cliff McCarthy's Stupid Home Page
David McNett
Denis Moskowitz
A friend from South Dorm at HMC. Real weirdo. The scary thing is, he has an identical twin brother...
Bryan Reed's Zen Web Page
David Roth's home page
A friend from high school in Indiana. Likes pizza, computers, and fire. I have no idea why he didn't go to HMC...
Laura's Home page
A friend from high school in Indiana. Pyromaniac and fanatic conservative. At least, she used to be...
Mark R. Wilkins on Conquering the World
Mark wants to get into the film industry. Looks like he's made it.


BLM - ES, GLO Records - Home
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
GenServ - Genealogical Server Information !
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox - Introduction
Stimson, Sarah

Scottish Clans

The Tartan Pages: Scotland on the Internet.
Scottish Clan Societies
Clan Campbell
Clan Campbell facts
Welcome to the Clan Campbell Homepages
Tartan Thumbnails

Inline Skating

Roller Warehouse Product List
Skate FAQs
Recreational Skating Catalog Builder Page
Sonic Skate Products

Ithaca/Cornell clubs and entertainment

Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library
CUinfo: Events Page
Cornell Ski and Snowboard Club
Cornell Kendo Club
Cycling Club at Cornell

Outing Club Links

Cornell Outing Club
COC primary site
Trips going out this week
Cornell Outing Club
On the Registered Student Organizations server.
Outing Club, Cornell (Student Organization Directory)
Vital stats, from the Student Organization Directory.

<A NAME="Music">Music related sites</A>

General interest

Bowed Electricity - Electric violin players, makers, and resources
Axiom Home Page
Bill Laswell and friends

Classical music

Classical Net Home Page
Plug In: The Classical Sites (5/20)
Brian's Classical Music Page
Interesting Links - Commercial Music Sites - Retail/Mail Order & CD Clubs

CMP Records
Haven for strange fusion musicians
CMP Records at The Artist Shop
Here's where you can buy their CDs
ECM Records
Home of good jazz.
The Global Showcase

Hidden Water

Hidden Water Main Page
The Nudes
Orphan Moon

Internet Underground Music Archive
KCRW Live Performances & Interviews
Dallas' KDGE 94.5 FM - The Edge!
Knitting Factory Club
Live internet concert broadcasts
N-Gram recordings
William Orbit's new label
NOISE: Cornell's Local Music Source

Progressive Rock

A progressive/experimental music label
Exposé Newsletter
About progressive rock
The Friends of Prog - the posters and lurkers of
North East Art Rock Festival 1999 / NEARfest '99
Not Necessarily Progressive
Sound Samples I have on the web
The Progressive Rock Web Site
the prog-rock listening booth!
Promethean Arts Network HomePage

NPR Weekend Edition music
What they played in between news segments, indexed by date.
os1 web collective
A group of record labels from the UK.
POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire
Soundscape Gallery of Unique Audio + Video
The Thistle & Shamrock®
NPR Celtic show

Mail Order

Compact Discovery
Offering used CDs, sometimes have out-of-print items
Compact Disc Connection
2 week delivery, very good prices
CDnow : welcome
About 10% more expensive than CD Connection, but only takes 2 days.
CD Europe, Inc.
Outrageously high prices, but sometimes the only place that has a rare disc.
Not a store, but a service which searches many online new & used vendors. If you can't find it anywhere else, try these guys. Maybe even start with them, if you don't mind a new browser opening up for each link you click.
Jim's Ithaca Music Shop
Music by Email
Noteworthy Music Main Menu
ProgTron: Home Page
Ranjit Padmanabhan's rare/imported mail order service
UBL.COM - Music's Homepage

Bands I recommend

The Anekdoten Home Page
Swedish prog/metal reminiscent of 70s King Crimson
The Änglagård Home Page
Swedish symphonic rock band

J.S. Bach

The master

The J.S. Bach Home Page
The Harpsichord Music of Johann Sebastian Bach on MIDI
Classical MIDI Archives - J.S.Bach

A local Minnesota (?) experimental/avante-garde band
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic
"Electric chamber music", way-out-there experiments with time, key, and dissonance, that rocks.
The California Guitar Trio
The Canadian Brass
Everyone's favorite wacky brass ensemble
Djam Karet
Instrumental progressive music, varying from near industrial to ambient
Ken Field
Saxophonist for Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
An inventive banjo/bass/drums jazz trio.


A popular weird proggy pop band from Australia
Mammoth - Frente!
Frente's label.

Geggy Tah
Very weird, and very fun.
Chris and Meredith Thompson
A vocal/instrumental duo from Ithaca.
Kevin Gilbert
Prog-pop with often depressing lyrics

King Crimson

"Heavy metal goes to college"

Elephant Talk: The Robert Fripp and King Crimson Web Site
Discipline Records

Level 42
British funk/pop/fusion
Loreena McKennitt
A Canadian singer/songwriter who blends Celtic and other influences into some very spiritual music
John McLaughlin
The original fast fingers fusion guitarist
Progressive rock/heavy metal hybrid
Pat Metheny Group Listener Network
Ronnie Montrose
Instrumental metal guitar

Not Drowning Waving and friends

Not Drowning, Waving
My Friend the Chocolate Cake
An offshoot of Not Drowning Waving, in a more acoustic and mellow direction.
My Friend the Chocolate Cake (unofficial)
Not Drowning Waving
Australian prog-pop

William Orbit
Excellent atmospheric/techno.
The Official Phish Web Site Home Page
Phish Page (unofficial)
Love them for their music, not their fans
Porcupine Tree (fan page)
Edgy space music
QUEENSRYCHE - Promised Land
At one time, took an intelligent approach to heavy metal.
Hank Roberts
Cello dude
Joe Satriani
Instrumental metal guitar
Jane Siberry/Sheeba Records
An unusual Canadian singer/songwriter
Jane Siberry (unofficial) web site
Squonk Opera
A theatrically oriented band from Pittsburgh that has nothing to do with Genesis
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
What happens when a progressive/fusion keyboardist meets a cute chick.
Kit Watkins (Linden Music)
Atmospheric electronic music.
Victor Wooten
The best bass player I've ever seen

Other bands, undecided or otherwise

Cold Sweat® Progressive Rock
Doctor Nerve Home Page
The Ergot Derivative
Kevin Ferguson - Classical electric guitar
Hermetic Science
Julie Jones and the Things You Are Home Page
Adam Levin
The Progressive Rock Homepage maintainer
Par Lindh Project
The Colin Mandel Group
Phreeworld Homepage
Phreeworld at IUMA
POWDS CON FUSION Homepage: Entry
Purple Valley Band
A local (Ithaca area) band with my buddy Rick Kline on bass.
Spock's Beard
Sublime Nation
The Other Side of the Web - The 3rd and the Mortal
Velvet Hammer
Wyscan Home Page
Francis Monkman's Website -- new CD "21st Century Blues" and much more...

Nerd fun

Bumper Stickers
The Caltech Cannon Heist
This page has some BLATANT errors, but it has a lot of amusing units.
Dogcow Lore
The Halloween Documents
Harvey Mudd College Alumni Association
How Stuff Works
VERY cool site
Infocom InvisiClues
INTERCAL Resource Page
A major contender for the most awkward and useless programming language in the universe!
The Jargon File 3.2.0
Hacker lexicon
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Notes from the InterGalactic Telex Office
I wrote this with some friends during calculus class in high school. How the hell did THIS end up on the web?
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: Australia & CDs
Want to know if your US-bought CDs will play "down under"? Get some tips from the experts!
Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!
Sojourner Rover Home Page
Study of SPR calibration standards
Unicycling Home Page
Useless WWW Pages
Why stop supporting AOL?
Because they suck!
NIST Time and Frequency FAQ



There are so many cool cameras being made, it's hard to choose one.

Canon USA, Inc: Cameras, Flashes and Lenses
I like their control layout and the new USM lenses with the smooth-operating manual focus.
Minolta USA - Cameras
My father (who is a far more experienced photographer than me) really likes his Maxxum 7xi.
Nikon : Photographic Equipment
Nikon? I think I've heard of them. My friend Joseph likes his N6006.
Olympus Cameras
They make the best damn optical microscope in the world. They might be able to build cameras.
Olympus IS-3DLX (reviewed)
Olympus OM series WWW links


Mail Order Survey
Beach Camera
A camera store in New Jersey. Great prices...bad rep.
Camera World of Oregon
Excellent reputation, good prices.

Space Exploration

Share Space Foundation
Buzz Aldrin's Official Website

Sportscar links

Driving and your Brain
Grassroots Motorsports magazine online
SCOOP edn 3
1986 ASC McLaren 5.0 Specialty Convertible
Sun International
Importers of the Lotus Elise and other fine sportscars
The International MR2 Owners Club (IMOC)
Rocky Mountain Sportscars
Colorado Dealer for the Caterham Seven


Honda Not Fond of - The Honda Prelude Online Community
Temple of VTEC - July 1999
DFH~Decal Free Hondas
Antonio's 90 Prelude Si
With information about G3 Prelude oil loss


MAZDATRIX for Mazda RX7 & Rotary Engine Parts and Accessories
Yahoo! Recreation:Automotive:Makes and Models:Mazda:RX-7


Convertible RX-7 Page
FC3S - 2nd Generation RX-7

Rotary Performance Online : : RX-7 Performance Parts, RX7 Drag Racing Coverage and more...
Mark Tsai's Web page: RX-7 land
Project X605 - The Mazda RX-7!

Datsun Z

Datsun Z Cars, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX
ZCAR.COM | [ Datsun - 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 300ZX - Nissan ] | The Best way to find Datsun / Nissan information
Datsun Z car
240-Z factory information
1000 Islands Zed Car Club: Z handling


lamberts's Home Page
Rear marker lights question - Forum
Perhaps a shifting fix! - Forum


Wheel Weights
Panasports - Forum
light weight good price 15" wheels for track and autodross? - Forum


SCCA San Francisco Region Solo2 Events -- Bay Area
NA Motorsports Autocross Info
Solo II Car Classifications
Suspension Setup Quick Reference
American Auto-X Series LLC

Car Buying

AutoVantage - Home

Tracquest Home
'84-'90 ASC/McLaren - Marty's Mustang Ranch
Living In America: An Unauthorized History of Capris in North America


Computer Hardware

Gateway 2000 Hardware Support
Zeos Links
Micron Electronics -- Zeos Support File Library
HP 9000 Buyer's Guide


Abit USA
PA-2007 Technical Reference - How-to's
-=[WindWalker Access - PC Hardware Blue Book - PA-2007 Voltage Adapter=-
Anand's Hardware Tech Page - AMD K6/266 Review
Why would I need a new BIOS?
System Optimization Information
IBM 6x86 Microprocessor
The Cyrix 6x86 Upgrade Advice Guide!
IBM X86 Documentation
Enhancing System Performance
Mainboard Technical Suport
AMD - PC Processors Plus
Cyrix Processors -- Product Details
First International Computer of America
x86 Monthly Digest
Tom's Hardware Guide
System Optimization - PC Hardware and Performance Guide!

Internet connectivity

Road Runner
The new cable modem service from Time-Warner. Official page.
Road Runner Cable Internet Modem Service
A page of info, critique, and technique, focused on using Linux with RoadRunner and establishing static IP addresses.
RR Login Software For UNIX and OS/2
For the UNIX version of the Road Runner login program suitable for the Central NY region (including Ithaca), grab the "download" link just below "ATTENTION UNIX USERS".
George Couloris' update-in-progress of the DEC-authentication login program for RoadRunner
The Mini-HOWTO


Peregrine DAT
Adaptec Home Page
Iomega corp.
Maxtor Home Page
Western Digital Corporation
Mixing Wide and Narrow Devices
ANDATACO Disk Spec Sheet: MICROPOLIS 1624 (ANDATACO Model Number: 076P5)
Peregrine CTD8000R-S

Sound hardware

a u r e a l i t y
3D Audio Immersion
AltaVista: Simple Query +soundcard +FAQ +Creative +Diamond +Live
CardDeluxe from Digital Audio Labs
Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.
Echo Corporation - DSP Technology for desktop multimedia - Multitrack recorders


Number Nine Drivers and Utilities
RIVA 3D, Your best source for news, drivers and game demos for the RIVA 128/ZX and TNT
Matrox Users Resource Centre
ATI Technologies inc.
Number Nine Visual Technology
Matrox Group
PC Magazine: Test Your Own Monitor
Using Fixed Frequency Monitors with Linux

Mail Order
ABERDEEN - Custom Computer Systems and Peripherals (Motherboards, Memory, Etc.)
The Chip Merchant, Inc.
Imaging Associates: Accessories Division Products & Pricing List
MicroWarehouse Inc.
Net Express
Oak Computers
Spartan Technologies
TigerDirect WebStore
World's Lowest Memory Prices
Close, but not really

Pentium CPU/motherboards

Aberdeen Group Home Page
Motherboard Super Store 318-625-9592
NetCon, Inc. - CPU Prices
Oak Computers
R C Systems, Inc ~ (908) 613-1107

Computer Software

Michael Tirtasana 3D programs
Cornell Software Site Licenses


Linux X11 (XFree 86) Performance and Benchmarking
Linux Games - Even Penguins Like To Have Fun
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Users Directory Services.
Linux Filesystem Structure - Title Page
X. End of story.
Linux MIDI & Sound Applications
qmail: a replacement for sendmail
Linux System Hardware Monitoring

Window Managers

The K Desktop Environment
Gnome Workshop

GCC information

Pentium Compiler Sources/Patches
Pentium Compiler Group
Using and Porting GNU CC - Table of Contents
GCC Installation

Low-Level Networking

Linux and 3Com 3c590/3c900 series "Vortex" Ethercards
Index of /pub/linux/misc/netdrivers/
Linux Mobile-IP Home Page
Linux NET-3-HOWTO, Linux Networking.: IP- and Ethernet-Related Information

Finding Software

Linux Software Map
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
Linux Mama
Window Managers for X


XMCD - Motif(tm) CD Player
The Linux Midi + Sound Main Page
Multimedia Links
The XAnim Home Page
A great multi-format movie viewer
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview


Linux Security WWW
Kerberos Reference Page
Kerberos and its Potential at Mudd
Welcome to the Linux Security Home Page

Mac/PC/UNIX networking

SAMBA Web Pages
Linux Netatalk

Windows 95

Windows Annoyances
Lots of handy tips for fixing the annoying things about Windows.
Spade/Personal Alpha Release Notes
The SiSoft Sandra(tm) Information Page
Micro X-Win32
Power Toys
Microsoft Support Online Windows 95 Software Library
Journey: Student, Teacher, School Educational Software Discounts
Obtaining Aladdin Ghostscript


LP to CDR Tips
Welcome to Tracer Technologies, Inc. Home Page
CDDA (CD-ROM Digital audio) information, software, and survey
the cdda reference page
To read digital audio directly from CDs
Xing Content Guide
Download QuickTime for Windows 95/NT
Welcome to RealMedia !
MediaCast Configuration
Cool Edit
Xing - StreamWorks NOW!
CD-Recordable FAQ

Anti-SPAM tricks

The National Fraud Information Center
SpuTools®: InfoWar Tools to fight back against Spammers
"Bob" hates spam - and these guys LOVE "Bob"!
Get that spammer!
Infinite Ink's Robots and Mail Filtering
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Lasu's mail filters

Web Stuff

GUI Bloopers
HTML Clickable Maps
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
An Example of CGI Error handling
RFC 1945: HTML 1.0

<A NAME="Electronics">Electronics</A>

Analog Devices
Burr-Brown Corporation
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Main Q&A List
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents (ToC)

Audio tinkering links

The Audiophile Asylum
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: build an electrostatic loudspeaker
DIY CAT-5 speaker cables
Jon_Risch's DIY cables and tweaks
The Amateur zone
CALSOD Driver Measurement Database
Madisound Home Page
distributor of loudspeaker components
Musical Circuits Archive - 1/10/96
The Speaker Building Page
The Theremin Home Page
W. M. Leach, Jr.
CadSoft Online: Home of the EAGLE Layout Editor
Ivex Design International
Explanation of balanced signal cables

Computer Monitors

PC Video FAQ : Circuits for Fixed Frequency Monitors
PC Magazine: Test Your Own Monitor
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: Monitor Repair
PC Video FAQ : Circuits for Fixed Frequency Monitors
IBM: 6091-016 Specifications and Compatibility
Converting Sun Monitors

DLP-Based Products: DLP Cinema FAQs
DLP-Based Products: Home Entertainment
The ABC's of DTV - Welcome Page


Thomas Kenny
Analog Devices ADXL05
5 milli-g accelerometer
Micron Display Technology
Field emission displays!
TI movable mirror displays
Digital Light Processing and MEMS: Introduction
UC Davis MEMS page
MEMS Interchange, Central Connector for MEMS and Micromachining
Young's Modulus vs atomic number
Mechanical Properties of Some Materials

Nonlinear Systems and Chaos

Interactive Differential Equations
Nonlinear Sites

Cool stuff at LLNL

NIF Technologies
Bridge Diagnosis at 55 mph
Forensic Seismology Supports CTBT
DSED Home Page

Personal Toolbar Folder


Linux on Laptops
AudioWeb - Ad Information