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I've started adding dates as entries are updated.  If you don't like it,
   \_You mean if I change my entry I get a date?  Cool!  Sign me up for the
     G point...
     \_I thought the whole reason for getting the G point was so you didn't
       have to date...

I switched from the annoying format so that it would be easier to type
in the entries of some of our more verbose contestants.

1 point for each of the following:

J - Job.  Paid employment of some sort.
	  \_Perhaps we need a minimum (monthly) pay rate?
            \_Clinton sure seems to think so.
G - Significant other.  Should live within close proximity of you 
	(like same county).
C - Car.  Should also be in close proximity of you and you should own it.
U - Computer running reasonable pre-emptive multitasking OS.
S - Stereo (righteous).  High-quality hi-fi equipment (no Kenwoods).
	Lenient for now, but will be more particular if too many people
	seem to get this point.
H - Housing.  Non-dorm.  Not living with parents.
	\_see bottom for discussion

Organism		Coding		Score		Comments

		     Mutants (6 points or higher)

anyone claiming this many points is STILL going to get lynched
\_ How 'bout those who have that many points but aren't owning up to it?
   Not that I have any particular Texan in mind....
   \_ Of course you don't.
      \_ Okay, okay, I claimed 'em.  At least for a while...

Pete Hartwell	       J+G+C+U+S+H        6       (09-07-99)
        J:   Grad student
        G:   Sheri Hartwell
        C:   Cute truck!
        U:   iMac running A/UX
        S:   iMac running MacOS
        H:   yeah, whatever

		      Over-achievers (5 points)

John Stimson		J+C+U+S+H	5	(30-aug-1999)
	J: Beta testing electron probesystems.  It's a living...
	G: No.  I mean, um, er, no.
	C: Acura.  VTEC.  VROOOM.
	U: HARLIE.ee.cornell.edu: Linux 2.0.37 / XFree86
	S: The New Armageddon stereo.  Now with 320 watts per channel!
	H: 2-bedroom house with yard, bike to work!

Michelle Cloud		J+G+C+S+H	5	(11-nov-1997)
			 \_Hmm, the only one in this group who is missing 
			   'U' rather than 'G'.  You win. -jjs
                           \_Not anymore!  I'm missing 'C'. :) -dmm (31-aug-98)
	U: Well, I use Peter's groovy machine, but I haven't got root.
	G: We'll plight our troth or trligth our proth or something on 
	   6/20/98.  Do I lose the G point after the wedding?
		\_The case could be argued either way.  It's up to
		  your friends to determine whether you still have a
		  life.  And that doesn't mean your "married" friends.
		  Even making such a distinction is a grim sign... -jjs
	   (No comments about what *else* I'll be losing after the nuptials
	   will be necessary, since I've lost everything I'm going to
	   lose already, thank you very much.)
	   \_Hmm, now where'd I put that?  Oh, there it is.  Dang.
	     Just too damned organized for my own good.  -jjs
	J: I've changed my biological
	   emphasis (yes, I'm still female) to ecology.  I now work
	   for the SERG (Soil Ecology and Restoration Group -- 
	   abbreviation pronounced 'surge', not 'serg', dammmit)
	   at San Diego State University, where I get paid to play in the
	   dirt.  Of course, the dirt is usually around 150 degrees F
	   and located on some military base out in the middle of
	   nowhere, but I digress.
	C: '83 Volvo.  Volvo Red.  Good stereo, functional air-conditioner,
	   heater, windows, seat belts, and all those other niceties
	   which make it ever-so superior to my previous vehicles.
	   And I got the little resonance-at-70mph thing fixed, too.
	   One Darwin fish, as yet unbroken.
	S: Ask John if you want to know the details.  All I know is
	   it's damn fine, damn big, and damn loud.  Yeah, I have
	   plenty of control over what's played, even though I didn't
	   buy it.  These days, most of the control is in the form of,
	   "Matthew, if you play MC900ftJesus while I'm trying to
	   write this paper, I will throw an Ecological Methodologies
	   book at your head."  My sweetness is surpassed only by my
	   \_Heh heh, good thing you don't live here at MEMS house! 
	     And one other thing, it's not my fault if Matt plays
	     track 7 of the new Pat Metheny CD at volume=11.  It's
	     obviously intended to be played at that level... -jjs
	H: Still holed up in Pacific Beach, Land of the
	   Responsibility-Free and Home of the Perpetually-Drunk.  The
	   apartment (2bd, 2.333ba -- go ahead, ask how I got that
	   number) is nice, but we're out of room.  That's what
	   happens when three oenophilic, astrophilic bibliophiles live
	   together.  If you'd like to know what I think of my
	   neighbors, request my Halloween diatribe.
	   \_Eric's solution: high explosives! -jjs

Craig Demel		J+C+S+H+U	5	(10-nov-97)
	J: Alta Group, software company, multimedia blah blah
	   interactive blah blah information superblah.
	G: no.
	C: '95 Civic del Sol.  Still smells new. (Bloody Engineer)
	U: Pentium, Linux.
	S: Genuwyne Eroicas.  They don't make 'em like that
	   anymore - "they" being Tim.
	H: Messy. "A man needs a maid" - line from Neil Young.
	   Studio - line from L'Oreal.
		   \_Actually, a line from "A Funny Thing Happened on the
		     Way to the Forum"

Cliff McCarthy          J+C+U+S+H       5	(09-feb-1998)
	J: They pay me.
	G: Maintaining parity...
	   \_Prepare for lynching -- whether it be by jealous life
	     roster participants, or jealous Gs, I can't predict. -jjs
	     \_No need now...
	C: L.A. to Urbana to Dallas in less than a year; it's the
	   best old truck in the world.
	U: Relayer: Linux 1.2.13 / Slackware 2.0 / X11R6.
	S: For once, I can globally drown my neighbours out.
	H: Hey, there's carpet under this stuff!

Denis Moskowitz		J+H+S+G+U		5	(31-aug-98)
	J: Senior Consultant for ThomsonConsulting in Boston 
           (well, Medford), MA.  Still got my own cubicle and everything.
	H: 4Beds, 1Bath, 3 roommates, a hub.  2nd-3rd floor and 
	   lots of furniture.
	S: Denon Amp, Denon tape, Denon CD, Polk speakers, Technics
	   SL-1200MK2 phonograph. If that's not righteous you 
	   can lick my nose.
	   \_Cool turntable, wimpy speakers.  Of course with
	     your floor, if you had righteous speakers the
	     turntable would skip. -jjs
	C: Never have, never will.  I'm tempted to claim my
	   T-Pass subscription (Combo-pass, buses _and_ trains).
	U: Dual-boot Linux/Win95 (must play Civ!) sitting
	   proudly on my desk.  Also got one at work, fwiw.
	   \_I think you can play Civ in Linux now...
	G: J'ai trouve' une belle Bostonienne.  Elle s'appelle
	   Mary Agner.  Vous ne la connaisez pas.

		       Actual People (4 points)

Erik Browne		J+H+U+C		4	(08-jun-1995)
	J: Software Engjneer, writing stuff for the Newton
	H: Nice little 1 bdr.
	U: My Newton.  I have proof!
	   \_A NEWTON runs a reasonable multitasking OS?
	C: 1995 Saturn SL1, aquamarine, and it's MINE

Velveeta R. Mus		G+C+S+H		4	(13-Dec-1995)
	G: Mouse keeps me company.
	C: A holster that lets me hitch rides on Denis.
	S: See Denis's points.
	H: A nice warm apartment that I get all to myself when Mouse
	   and Denis go out to movies. I can sit in the window and
	   watch the snow.

   		       Uppity Squids (3 points)

Mouse			G+S+H		3	(13-Dec-1995)
	G: Vel.
	C: The holster gets used by Vel now, and they don't give
	   drivers licenses to beanbag mice. Does Denis's satchel
	   \_Does the satchel have dual airbags? -jjs
	S: Also sharing Denis's. The speakers are _huge_... from my
	H: Who says apartments are small?
	   \_Hey, it wasn't me, man.

		      Mostly Harmless (2 points)

Matthew Morse				2	(08-mar-1995)
	C: I have a unicycle.  Guess I'm a pedestrian.
	G: (point expired, but at least Matt has enough of a
	   life not to waste time updating his life roster entry...)
	   \_As the man said, point expired.
	H: As far as I'm concerned, living anywhere other than a
	   dorm is far too much effort.
	   \_How about that closet you were in for a while?
	J: I guess I should be considering what I'm doing 
	   after graduation. I should work on graduating first.
	   \_Database manager now, right?
	S: Almost. I have an amplifier that's older than I am (Dynaco
	   PAT-4 preamp and Dynaco Stereo 80 power amp. My parents built
	   it from a kit. The same model preamp appears in the 1970 HMC
	   yearbook.) and the Armageddon speakers from last year, and a
	   CD player and tape deck, but no turntable. Only problem is that
	   I've blown all the transistors in the power amp. Cheap
	   headphones is not an enjoyable way to listen to music.
	   \_And don't forget that we trashed the hell out of
	     the Armageddon speakers a couple years back... -jjs
	U: I'm happy with my Macintosh. It's not like I ever use it anyway.
		+-Didn't I see an article about Linux for the Macintosh? :-)
		| \_Maybe you did but I certainly didn't. My computer
		|   might be fast enough but I doubt it. I'm not sure,
		|   but I think the closed system architecture might 
		|   make an Ethernet connection difficult.
		+-Okay, I do log on fairly frequently to read news and
		| to procrastinate. But that doesn't require multitasking.
		\_Powermac Running Be, now...Not sure if that's a point. -jjs

			  Sessile (1 point)

(&sessile == NULL)

	      More interesting than Tony Kaye (0 points)
				    \_ Who's Tony Kaye?
					\_He's just this guy, you know?

               \_Gee, where did all the losers go?

Database of Deep Dialectic with the Deity Device (Graphic Omniscient)

Does being in graduate school count as having a life, or do you still have
time to earn those points?
\_Well, if you're in grad school, you almost certainly have J
(RA,TA,Fellowship) and generally have H (unless you're really
unlucky).  Going anywhere besides Mudd or Caltech vastly improves
one's chances for G, and the J might help with C and S (so the pay
\_yeah right
  \_Point conceded.
isn't that great - at least it isn't negative like in college!).
  \_So are you assumed to have a life at that point or what? Are you still 
    allowed to play?
    \_if (grad school == having a life) then fuck(life)
    | \_Is that C? Yuck. Making computer jokes on a computer? Sad. Get a life.
     \_Hear, hear.

Question about the U point:  Do you absolutely have to own it?  Or is it
enough for it to be in one's room for one's personal usage?  Did Zytho the
Sun count, for instance?
 \_Only counts if you own root on it too.

The H point was designed for a place where it is a common and popular thing
to do to move off campus.  Since Mudd is not such a place, I think we
should nuke the point.  Either that or make it a point for being off the
meal plan completely. -Denis
\_Um, never mind. -Denis (25-jul-1995)

Question for the S point: if you share a "righteous" stereo with someone, do
you both get to count it?  Same question for the H point (and U and C, I
suppose.  If you're sharing J it's still a J for each person, and if you're
sharing G you're either very easygoing or in trouble). -Vel (7-Sept-1995)
\_I'd say you can count the S if you have a reasonable amount of choice
  regarding what gets played on it.  If you both (or all) have your own
  room, you can certainly count the H.  If you share it with your G, all
  the better...  If you can both log into the U simultaneously, and both
  have UID 0 accounts, it counts.  I'm not so sure about C... it's too
  easy to get stranded when someone else has the car.
\_H obviously can be shared.  By precedent (Michelle), S can be shared
  as long as you get to pick what gets played and how loud.  Never
  seen a J shared, usually it's two separate J's, though they may be
  for doing the same thing.  Advise against trying to share a G.  
  -John (1-dec-1995)

John Stimson / Art Rock Cafe, New Armageddon / john@idsfa.net