I ride a unicycle. It's a Schwinn 24" unicycle with a blue rim, and blue and white tire and seat. I enjoy the challenge of learning tricks or negotiating obstacles, and find unicycling to be a cool alternative to walking. Also, the chicks dig it. Well, maybe not.

There is an international unicycling club, but for me it's an informal thing, and I'm really not into the organized competition and certification system they have set up.

After living in Ithaca for a while, I've realized that unicycling could also be a way to get in shape, with all these hills all over the place. My goal is to make it up Williams Street (the steepest street in Ithaca). Kudos to Gordon Kindlman (Cornell Math '95), who can actually do it.

Some other unicyclists I know:

Gonzo Unicycle Madness

Mountain Unicycling (what a bunch of weirdos!)

Several photos from the Fake Foster's Unicycle Run in Boston, MA (April 1999)

John Stimson / Art Rock Cafe, New Armageddon / john@idsfa.net