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During his senior year at Harvey Mudd College, Craig Demel had a sign hanging on the door of his room in the Foothill Apartments that said "SENIOR" in black block letters on a yellow background. The following year, the sign turned up at the Seventh Dorm auction and was purchased by Cliff McCarthy, who was a senior in South that year. The sign spent the year hanging on his door, and at the end of the year he passed it on to Jennie Hango, soon to be a South Dorm senior. And thus, a tradition was born. The sign has remained in South ever since, being passed on each year to a worthy senior. On the back of the sign, the names of its owners are listed, a tradition started by Jennie.

This web page serves to track the history of the sign, as well as the various individuals who have been the sign's curators over the years.

Thanks to the spambots, this page no longer uses "mailto" links. You should be able to figure out the addresses on your own.

And now, the list of SENIORs:

1993 Craig Demel
* 1994 Cliff McCarthy cliff at magpu dot com home page
1995 Jennie Hango
1996 Jim Frinier jim at frinier dot com
1996 Brian McAleer
1998 Sharon Ungersma
1999 Jascha Swisher swisher at bu dot edu
2000 Jennifer Chalfan
2001 Valerie Arndt
2002 Mika Waller
* 2003 Ben FrantzDale
* 2004 Ryan Carpenter

If you would like to add or update a photo, e-mail address or URL, send mail to cliff at magpu dot com. Also contact me if you're a privacy freak and object to having your name listed here.

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